Our Process

We integrate a wide variety of materials in our designs to suit your style including wood, acrylic, glass, and other materials to provide one of kind pieces that are stunning, relevant, and functional; guaranteed to showcase your product exclusively. If you are seeking custom store fixtures and décor, look no further than M. Lavine Design Workshop. We warmly invite you to contact us today for more information on how we can help make your product shine.


Designing Fixtures and Visual Displays

M. Lavine Design Workshop operates using a team approach for both design and product development. This approach allows us to create a wide spectrum of intelligently designed products. Together, we deliver products ranging from superbly engineered fixtures to beautiful handcrafted furniture. Our design and engineering team are highly skilled and experienced in CAID (Computer Assisted Industrial Design) techniques. Their work is marked with a unique blending of materials and a bold exploration of boundaries. Our designers are also able to quickly provide photo-realistic renderings of proposed products. This allows for the presentation of new and different ideas and can shorten the product development time frame.

Engineering and Manufacturing

Man welding fixture

The designers at M. Lavine Design Workshop create their fixtures and furniture designs using a variety of materials. Some of the materials used include laser and CNC machined metal, wood, copper, brushed steel, laminates, computer perforated metal, CNC machined acrylics and other decorative materials. Our team can use their skill and a wide range of materials to create an astounding variety of fixtures, furniture, artwork, and other decorative items.

M. Lavine Design Workshop also uses superior manufacturing capabilities. Using the most cutting edge tooling, our team can produce this wide variety of products in the most cost-effective manner. This and the excellent customer service we provide to all our clients positions us as a premier manufacturer in the industry.

Packaging to Distribution

Warehouse Storage of Boxes

M. Lavine Design Workshop provides custom packaging for each of our finished pieces. Using custom built crates, foam, and bubble wrap, each piece is guaranteed to arrive at your business in the same condition when leaving our dock. We gladly provide drop tests and carton survivability tests on site when requested by our clients.

We understand that production inventory runs and delays in store openings sometimes require your products to be stored. We offer climate controlled storage and ample warehouse space to hold your items at no additional charge. Distribution service to various locations is also complimentary.

M. Lavine Design Workshop has a customized building with over 55,000 square feet of storage. The building was carefully planned and is equipped with modern design modules, decorative and fixture assembly stations, pre-shipping bays, and six loading docks. Located within two miles of an interstate highway, we are capable of providing quick and easy access to major suppliers and freight carriers. Our production facility can also ship multiple large orders, even within a tight time frame. We’ve partnered with several local companies allowing M. Lavine Design Workshop to increase or decrease both labor and operating capacity as needed.