About Us

What message would you like your fixtures to send? The message that your fixtures send, speaks aloud to your customers and clients.

M. Lavine Design Workshop is a leader in the store fixture and visual display industry, combining modern design with a timeless sensibility to create unique displays for retailers. We strive to provide your store fixtures in the spotlight they deserve from conceptual drawings to installations.

What sets us apart, is our understanding that efficiently working with our clients is essential to lowering costs. We keep a team mentality in mind to achieve consistent quality and satisfaction. Visit our fixture gallery, and contact us today for more information on our process.

M. Lavine History

Circa 1976

Marcia Lavine founded M. Lavine Design Workshop in 1976. Marcia had a vision to create a design company using decorative textiles with an artistic flair. The company would initially cater to specialty clients who were seeking unique décor, as well as fixture design that placed an intentional focus on excellence in execution. In 1985, M. Lavine Design Workshop was the first to use perforated metal in the creation of custom designed fixtures and visual displays.

New Ownership

In 2004, a friend recommended M. Lavine Design Workshop as a company Jackie should consider acquiring. Paul and Jackie Bach acquired M. Lavine Design in 2005, after realizing their dream of owning a business. A business that beautifully combined their skill sets and experiences.

Since acquiring the company in 2005 they continue to build on the solid foundation of excellence and innovation. The Bach’s, with their skilled craftsman and engineers, provide a new generation of M. Lavine Design Workshop products that set a standard of their own.

M. Lavine Today


It may sound cliché to say the company desires to build beneficial and enjoyable relationships with their clients, but for M. Lavine Design Workshop it is the absolute truth. Many companies strive for those types of relationships, but the team at M. Lavine Design Workshop makes it happen every single day.

While combining new ideas, our highly skilled staff, and innovative machinery, provides the right ingredients for our continued client satisfaction. These tools allow M. Lavine Design Workshop to create fixtures all house, guiding our clients from conceptual drawings and design, to manufacturing, final production, and installation.


There is no substitute for the innovative ideas, exciting concepts and unique designs that result from this close collaboration with our customers. Inspiration is often born through many sources; the clean lines of industrial architecture, organic shapes in nature, or just walking through stores and restaurants. These experiences provide the spark that leads to a quality fixture or visual display. Each fixture that we produce has to meet strict standards, client specifications, and unique design that speaks for itself.


M. Lavine Design Workshop continues to grow and innovate in order to meet the changing needs of our clients. We remain focused on seeking out ways to stay on the cutting edge of technology and continue as a leader. We appreciate all our clients worldwide as they provide the light for the bright future of M. Lavine Design Workshop. We understand that we must focus on earning their trust, and we do so by collaborating closely with them from concept through production.

Together, we can create custom fixtures that promote brands with both functionality and aesthetics. We also realize that each fixture or visual display must provide a high return on your investment, and we work hard to make sure that happens. Our mission is to always deliver the best custom fixtures and visual displays in the world, and we know it is our clients, and how we treat them, that will make that a reality.